Romain Virgo Proposed To Longtime Girlfriend In “In This Together” Video

Romain Virgo and Fiance Elizabeth

Romain Virgo proposed to his longtime girlfriend Elizabeth in his new video “In This Together (Proposal Video).”

The track is featured on his new album “Love Sick” now available on streaming platforms Apple Music and Spotify. The cut was directed by Gareth Daley and features the reggae singer proposing to his girlfriend of six years in real life. Romain Virgo made the announcement last weekend on Instagram while dropping the music video to confirmed that he sealed the deal.

“Hello, world. Today I’m the most excited and nervous human being in the world. Today, I’m getting – me nearly say married,” the singer said at the beginning of the video. Last month, he posted a photo of himself and his girl while dropping some hints that he might be ready to officially settle down.

“Nowadays, It is so easy to forget who we are and what we truly stand for,” Romain Virgo wrote. “So many have lost all the morals and values that were taught to them by their families growing up. Today, I just wanna say congratulations for holding firm. If you keep it up I just might drive to St. Elizabeth every Saturday and bring you back Sweetsops, your favorite fruit.”

Sources told Urban Islandz that she wasn’t acting in the video, she was very surprised and emotional as he got down on his knee and popped the question.