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Twitter Reacts To Bobby Brown and Janet Jackson Dating Back In The Day

Janet Jackson Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown dated Janet Jackson back in the day, and Twitter is going crazy about it.

If you haven’t seen Bobby Brown biopic on BET, then you’re missing out on a lot of details about the singer’s life story. Who knew that the legendary crooner used to be Janet Jackson side piece all while she was rumored to be engaged. Actor Woody McClain once again reprises his role as Bobby Brown in the new biopic that chronicles the troubled life of the legendary R&B singer.

Woody also played Brown in The New Edition Story where he earned a lot of praise for his portrayal of the “Bad Boy of R&B.” He fits right back in the role for this follow-up film. It turns out that Whitney Houston wasn’t the first and only music icon that Bobby fell in love with. It turns out that Janet Jackson also captured his attention back in the day, but it seems the love was never on mutual grounds.

In the mini-series, Bobby Brown would regularly showered Janet Jackson with gifts and even proclaimed his love for her, but it seems the Jackson family wasn’t approved of their relationship. Brown got angry at Janet one night while the two were in bed and asked her if it was his dark skin complexion why her family doesn’t want her to be with him. He ended up kicking her out the hotel room and slammed the door in her face. The was the end of their relationship.

Here are some reactions from fans on Twitter.