Alkaline Style Bounty Killer In His DM Told Him “S**k Yo Mother Yah B*tch”

Bounty Killer and Alkaline

Alkaline and Bounty Killer beef just got more serious.

After the dancehall legend aired out Alkaline and Mavado on Instagram last weekend, the Vendetta deejay has finally respond. Instead of leaving a comment or making a statement on his Instagram page addressing Bounty Killer, Alka instead send him a direct message. This morning Killer posted a screenshot of the message on his IG exposing the “Load Up” deejay.

“S*ck out yuh mumma yah b*tch,” Alka told Killer who responded saying, “B*tch mi dissed you publicly WTF you doing in my DM you looking man be yourself and talk publicly or shut the pit under your nose.”

Bounty Killer didn’t stop there, he posted a screenshot on IG with a lengthy post chewing out Alkaline. “IG look WTF I found in my DM this morning a f** who doesn’t even follow one b**ch gyal or a chick on IG sliding in my DM to diss me after me diss the batty washer publicly on mi timeline,” Killer wrote. “[Alkaline] @Manhimselff a look a man himself unuh tell me what unuh think this Sunday school nerd pu**y who sings about go every garrison still have me watch and me chain.”