Popcaan’s Debut Film ‘The Intent 2’ To Premiere Next Month

Popcaan Soursop

Popcaan is set to show off his acting chops in the new film The Intent 2: The Come Up.

The movie, which is the second part to the hit British film The Intent, is set to premiere on Netflix next month. Dancehall star Popcaan landed a major role in the film where he played a vicious villain name Sour Sop who runs the underworld in Kingston along with famous Jamaican actor Louie ‘Ox’ Rankin. A teaser trailer for The Intent 2: The Come Up is now out, and you can watch it below.

The highly anticipated Netflix movie was shot earlier this year. Directors Femi Oyeniran and Nicky Slimting Walker along with their film crew touched down in Jamaica to shoot a major part of the movie. In the trailer, you can see Popcaan at a party with one of the film’s stars at Hellshire Beach in Portmore.

In a previous interview, Walker said that Popcaan is a talented actor who has a promising future in film. “You would never think that he has never done acting before,” Walker said. “His ability is amazing on screen the way he performs, the level he performs like he has don 10 movies. He takes the take and he remembers his lines exactly the same on every take, he is amazing.”

The Intent 2: The Come Up is set to build upon the foundation laid by the original film which became a cult classic. The sequel is shaping up to be even better than the first one, so if you’re thinking about canceling your Netflix subscription, then you should rethink it.