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Snoop Dogg Clap Back At Critics Of His New Hairstyle

Snoop Dogg hairstyle

Snoop Dogg has clapped back at critics of his new hairstyle.

If you’ve been following Snoop Dogg on Instagram, then you would’ve noticed that he is sporting a new hairstyle and some fans have been roasting the crap out of him for it. Well, Uncle Snoop has finally decided to address the issue, and in true DOGG style, he held nothing back. The West Coast rap legend says the only reason he is sporting beaded braids is because of his new movie role which he is currently filming out in Los Angeles.

“I see you mother***** doing a lot of comments on my mother***** hair,” he started out saying. “You funky dog hair b**ches, am in a f***ing movie right now, that’s why I look like this, I ain’t doing it for nothing. And don’t be mad because y’all mother**** bald head b**ches hair can’t grow this long, and your girlfriend hair is so short, she has to wear a wig, every other day her hair is red, blue, green, purple… Don’t get mad at me because your b**ch ain’t got hair long like this.”

Snoop declined to state what movie he is sporting the new hairstyle for saying it’s a secret for now.

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