Mavado Being Accused Of Fleeing Jamaica Leaving Son On Murder Charge

Mavado foriegn

Mavado is under fire from dancehall fans who are accusing him of fleeing Jamaica leaving his teenage son to face murder charges.

Mavado has been getting a beating on social media over the past few weeks, and it only grew intense when police formally charged his 16-year-old son with murder. Sources close to the Gullyside singer told Urban Islandz that is not the case and he is even making plans to mount a high powered defense for his son.

“[Mavado] why did you run leave your kid that’s so wrong bro as a fan am disappointed,” one fan wrote on IG while another added, “You should go back to Jamaica and support your son. Why didn’t you take him out the ghetto when you don’t even live in the ghetto.”

Clearly, there are a lot of dancehall fans who are upset with Mavado, but his people are insisting that he didn’t run leaving his son behind. “Most of who you see on the internet talking about things they don’t know about,” sources told us. “Mavado take good care of all his kids and even take care of other people kids. There are a lot of kids in Cassava Piece that the general send to school. So not because his son go in the ghetto sometimes means that’s where he lives. That’s where he is from, some people just love to talk.”

Mavado’s son and one co-accused are facing murder, conspiracy, and weapons charges. The teen will be tried as an adult and is facing life in prison if convicted.

Last week, Urban Islandz reported that the “Belt Buckle” singjay is considering hiring Vybz Kartel’s high powered defense team to handle his son’s case. The 16-year-old will be back in court this week where he will know if he will be granted bail.