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Drake Fans Gets All Emotional Listening To New Song “Jaded”


Drake fans left from being lit to being all emotional when listening to his new song “Jaded” featuring Ty Dolla $ign.

Drake drops his new double album Scorpion on Thursday night, and social media quickly blew up with some folks this is the Toronto rapper’s best album yet. Whether or not that is the case is still up for debate, but you can expect some real fire if you haven’t listened to the album yet. The project comes with an A Side and a B Side which transitioned from hardcore rap to R&B Drake.

There is one R&B track on the project that has been getting a lot of attention, and that’s “Jaded.”

“Told me about all your insecurities, for what? / Dragged me like two hours to your family’s house, for what? / Said you need some time, but I should stick around, for what? / Always felt like stickin’ ’round’s the same as being stuck,” Drizzy sings. “Jaded” serves for the perfect ex-girlfriend anthem this summer.

Here are some of the reactions from Drake fans on Twitter.