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Rich The Kid Girlfriend Tory Brixx Denies Setting Him Up

Tori Brixx and Rich The Kid

Tori Brixx is denying setting up Rich The Kid following a home invasion.

Rich The Kid, whose real name is Dimitri Roger, is currently in a hospital and his girlfriend Tori Brixx is under fire for allegedly setting up the robbery that almost claimed his life. Brixx was released from the hospital on Friday morning, but the “Plug Walk” rapper is still in serious condition after being beaten to a pulp by armed men who invaded a home they were staying at in Los Angeles.

Tori Brixx went on Instagram Live to defend herself from allegations that she is behind the home invasion because it looked like an inside job. “I don’t really expect y’all to understand where am coming from,” she said. “And it disappoints me to see women… am trying to figure this sh*t out… I am disappointed because I see people talking about I am not big enough so I set this ni**a up. I didn’t set nobody up because at the end of the day, if I asked Rich for it he would’ve gave it to me, because that’s how much he f*** with me.”

Tori Brixx also made it clear that she got her own money and wouldn’t need to set up Rich The Kid who was staying at her house when the robbery went down. The Queens rapper also has a few enemies of his own in hip hop. Just last month he had a running with Lil Uzi Vert in Philadelphia and was chased through the streets. He has been beefing with Lil Uzi for months before things got physical one weekend in Philly.

As for Tori Brixx, she was previously dating rapper Young M.A. before hooking up with Rick The Kid. She also showed her fans the horrific injury she received to her face during the home invasion.