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Ja Rule Rips 50 Cent Calls Him Deadbeat Dad, Snitch & Woman Beater

Ja Rule and 50 Cent

Ja Rule is beating 50 Cent at his own game.

The two rappers have been locked in another back-and-forth on social media this week thanks to the Drake and Pusha T beef. Seems Ja Rule and 50 Cent is trying to steal the spotlight from the two younger rappers who are in a heated beef. “Look at this Deadbeat dad, women beater, Rat/Snitch, y’all favorite!!! Lmao #mcgusto #noswag I’m a King you peasant!!! #GoatRule,” Ja Rule wrote.

The New York rapper posted another meme of 50 Cent that reads, “50 thought he was winning an Oscar when he took this role.. sh*t went straight to BET blackbuster cinema.” The photo in the meme is from the 2013 movie All Things Fall Apart.

For that movie role, 50 Cent lost a ton of weight and went from 2014 pounds to 160 pounds in nine weeks. Ja Rule even called himself the GOAT on Twitter because he beefed with 50 Cent, DMX, Eminem, and Busta Rhymes. That’s some new info we didn’t know about.

“I don’t think there’s EVER been a rap beef when 4 of the top rappers go at 1 guy… 50, Em, Busta, Dmx!!! Lmao the more I think about it #GoatRule,” he tweeted. By the way, it was 50 Cent first who started trolling Ja Rule.