Barrington Levy Says He Is Lucky To Be Alive After Shooting Incident

Barrington Levy says he is lucky to still be alive following a shooting incident on Tuesday night.

The reggae/dancehall icon was accidentally shot in his back on Tuesday night of this week, but luckily for him, his wound was not life-threatening. A rep for the singer told Urban Islandz that he was taken to the hospital where doctors removed bullet fragments from his back, gave him a couple stitches, and sent him home. We’re told that the incident could’ve been worst and it left Barrington Levy shaken.

“He was shaken up but he is fine and will bounce back,” his rep said. Some fans are still not convinced that the legendary singer was shot since he pulled a publicity stunt last month that raised his fans blood pressures.

Barrington Levy is currently working on a new project due sometime this year and has a new single coming out called “Love Virus.”