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Offset Thank Good Samaritan For Saving His Life And Bought Him A New Car

Offset and Jamal

Offset is thanking the man who saved his life from his accident in a big way.

Earlier this month, Offset ended up in a serious car accident that almost claimed his life, but thankfully a good Samaritan name Jamal, who was walking to work, saw the Migos rapper crawling out of the wrecked car and helped him. Of course, Jamal could’ve just went on his way and mind his own business, but he chose to help the rapper who was injured. Offset posted some photos of his totaled green Dodge Challenger and also images of his injuries showing him bleeding from his mouth.

As a good gesture, Offset purchased a car for the good Samaritan and now he doesn’t have to be walking to work anymore. “I want to thank [Jamal who] saved my life when I had my accident,” the Atlanta rapper wrote. “[He] helped me get to my destination safe [and] on [his] feet he was walking from work when he seen me climbing out my car so I bought him a car God is good.”

Judging from the photos he posted on Instagram, Offset was seriously injured in the car crash. He later revealed that he swerved to avoid hitting a homeless man on the street and loss control of his car and crash. Thankfully he is now okay and appears to be recovering from his injuries.

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