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Cardi B Talks Offset & Pregnancy “I hated how people harassed me”

Cardi B is finally fully discussing her pregnancy in a very open and personal way.

The Bronx rapper unveiled her baby bump for the first time last weekend on Saturday Night Live where she performed. She donned a skin-tight white dress that shows off all her curves and her growing baby bump. On Monday, she sat down for a nearly hour-long interview with Hot 97’s Ebro in The Morning where she opened up about falling in love with Offset, her pregnancy and her new album Invasion Of Privacy, which was released on Friday.

While speaking about her pregnancy, Cardi B says it’s something that she wanted to keep private for herself but being a public figure she understands but hates the harassment she received over the past couple of months.

“I really hate it how something so personal & private to me, something Iw anted to keep to myself,” she explains. “I hated how people harassed me and didn’t let me breathe for something I wanted for me.”

Something about Cardi B rapping live on SNL while being very pregnant is just magical. If you haven’t yet heard her entire album then you’re missing out, it packs some real fire. Clearly, she is now putting the pressure on the rest of the female rappers in the game to come with something good.

Cardi B also opened up about her fiance Offset telling Ebro that they met in New York and fell hard for each other ever since. She admitted that she didn’t want to fall for anyone like that but seems Offset hit the spot and she just couldn’t resist.

The track that she performed on SNL last weekend, “Be Careful,” is rumored to be a shot at Offset and his rumored cheating behavior. Although Cardi B never confirmed the track as a shot at her boyfriend, the lyrics pretty much confirmed the speculations.