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Kylie Jenner Gave XXXTentacion’s “SAD!” The Stimulus Package

Travis Scott isn’t the only rapper that Kylie Jenner listens to.

Stormi’s mom is also a big fan of XXXTentacion music. She posted a video of herself on SnapChat listening to X’s new song “SAD!” The track was released last Friday and has been a lot of attention ever since. It’s also interesting given that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are currently in Miami on vacation. So there are already rumors that the pair might have visited XXXTentacion who is currently under house arrest.

Despite the popularity of the song, X has been getting some criticisms with some fans calling the song a suicide anthem. “Facts it’s technically a suicide anthem promoting it,” one fan wrote. “Not to mention the kid he handed a rope to in the “look at me” video. Of course this song is gonna go platinum thanks to Kylie and company to promote depression and raise the suicide toll for young kids and teens up who look up to old boy.”

Nevertheless, even if the song wasn’t going to be a hit before, it’s almost guaranteed to be one now with the Kylie Jenner stimulus package which is almost as powerful as a Drake feature. She has a Midas touch of her own and she is one of the most popular personalities on social media, probably in the top five or top ten, so tens of millions of eyes and ears heard the song once she posted it.

Perhaps this is Travis Scott‘s cue to record a song with XXXTentacion who is currently working on his debut album XXX. Last week, the Lauderhill rapper released two new singles, “SAD!” and “Changes” which are the first two tracks from his upcoming debut LP. “SAD!” is expected to debut on the Billboard Hot 100 chart next week. Watch the video below.