Khago Talks Album Success, Mental Health & Family Feud

Khago surprised the entire dancehall with his new album “Walk A Mile.”

The surprised project debut at No. 5 on the Billboard Reggae Chart and has since been doing well. The official release is set for this Friday, March 9th. Despite his success musically, Khago has been raising some eyebrows on social media over the last several months with his very public feud with his mother and sister. His rants on Instagram lead some fans and industry pundits to question his mental health, but he is now saying nothing is wrong with him mentally and he will sue anyone who calls him crazy.

“Anybody you hear say that right now after am done with this interview, them ago get a lawsuit,” Khago said while speaking to Winford Williams about people questioning his mental health. “You is not a doctor, you cannot say a thing like that. My manage a hospital, if my wife did find out that anything is wrong with me then that would’ve happened in two second. You as a little man where you have a vlog or you on the radio as a disc jockey saying Khago mentally mad, I am going to sue you.”

Khago says he will sue because the folks who are saying it are damaging his reputation. “If me mad maybe it’s success that mad me, it’s just jealousy and envy,” he said. The “Nah Sell Out” deejay says he took three hours to record nine of the tracks on his new album. He said the project started out as a mixtape but when his producer heard the songs he recommended that he put out a full album. He revealed that the project debut at No. 50 in the United States, which is good for a reggae/dancehall album.

With regarding his feud with his mother and his sister, Khago says he hasn’t spoken to his mother in over six years.