Tory Lanez – “Hate To Say” Lyrics

I find it funny how n*gg*s start talkin’ money
I’m livin’ lovely, apartment far from the bunjee
I remember us livin’ not too far from the junkies, the flunkees
That tried to punk me on corners but never sonned me
I swear, in this b*tch, yeah I’m killin’ this year
Them boys hated, they gon’ feel it this year
I bought a ‘Rari, I only drove in it once, I’m movin’ different this year
I’m leavin’ thousands, talkin’ millions this year
When n*gg*s really talkin’, talkin’ over, talk it over
Renegotiate and make the play and they cough it over
I crossed over like Iverson when he dropped the shoulder on Jordan
The feelin’ more than the sport when you winnin’ f*ck how they feelin’
The feelings got left aside, I told them to step aside
I’m rarely eatin’, I’m orderin’ more extra size, you know me
‘Round the block, glovers spittin’ them hot flows
My sense smells like Michelle was touchin’ Barack’s clothes
Presidential, the flow is so evidential
At the clearport customs, I barely show my credentials
Don’t need it tinted, I want you to know who’s in it
Had me offended last time that I walked in the Holt Renfrew
Let’s break it down for ’em
Account this, if every show is a 100 thou’ for him
Then that mean, a hundred minutes on stage will equal a 100K
That’s one thousand a minute, so please don’t get offended
If I walk inside a store and spend 35 in it, ’cause to me, that’s just 35 minutes
Land in Jamaica, sip on a Guinness and get it
Who wanna witness, my n*gg*? I’m really sick with the shiznit
I brought big Poppy out at the SumFest
Sean Kingston watched it from the side stage
I made triple the advance that he had gave me in my first year
45 minutes of me on stage and I’m not amazed, I think the tables turnin’
I think you learn from the bridge you burn when you see it burnin’
I think you learn from the world when you see it turnin’
I went from being a server to being this platinum deserver, you feel me?
Did a song with Meek Milly, called it “Litty”
Really I just did that sh*t for the city in love with Philly
God, this chinchilla fur on me, just in case it gets chilly
Burner on my side pocket, just that’s incase you get illy out here
Me and Travis Scott almost fought at the Mala Luna
We both agreed shortly after that it was music
We could be possibly doin’ that bigger than tryna ruin it
So my apologies, n*gg*, just forgive me for doin’ it
History made in New York City, we called a truce at the tower
I only brought a couple n*gg*s with me
The beef was finished as soon as we took the picture, the world was watchin’
The attention in the industry started shiftin’ to me
Lord forgive ’em, Lord forgive ’em, I was trippin’ all the time
I spit subliminal dissin’, just tryna rip sh*t
Not realizin’ if I took the time to kick it, and me and Drake, man, them bridges would probably equal to winnin’
Got the hardhead flow, money comin’ in so thick
Them n*gg*s call it hard bread dough
I’m in this all red four seater, I’m leanin’ like the ’06 fours
I said I’d stop freestylin’ but f*ck it, oh well
A n*gg* flow so well, I’m like a samplin’ kit
Give a f*ck ’bout who get pissed about by samples and skits
n*gg*s mad I’m remixin’ they sh*t-pshh
f*ck out of here, n*gg*, stop being a b*tch
I think it’s time we cut the silence by n*gg*s that’s talkin’ violent
Speak of silence and give ’em coffins and violins playin’
R&B n*gg*s with Sisqó haircuts, wildin’ and stylin’
They dissin’, guess they just tryna go viral, I feel ’em
This your favorite song, this gon’ be your favorite song
‘Cept when I say it, it’s really the people’s favorite song
You did a vid diss in a flex i8
I could’ve flexed a ‘Rari or Wraith, but n*gg*, I ain’t
Instead, I bought my house the other day, I’m flexed in the paint
Real estate, I’m property shoppin’, b*tches probably watchin’
Got the Gadget-Go flow, Nobu and So-Ho
I’ve been crossed by some n*gg*s I used to go toe-to-toe for
Blow for blow flow, sick enough to eat a blowfish
G5 jet playin’ Go-fish, eatin’ gold fish
Just for the record, I did this sh*t for the hopeless
Just drove a Rolls through the hood on the corner where I was homeless
It’s Fargo