Tech N9ne Feat. Swisher Sleep – “Fresh Out!” Lyrics

(Intro: Krizz Kaliko)
The number one independent rapper in the world!
Tech N9ne!
I am what? Fresh out of f*cks!

(Verse 1: Tech N9ne)
Fed up with everything I’m cynical than I ever been
I’ll make the Beretta ring if any comin’ up at a king
Alluding to leveling a leader livin’ a better dream
Kinda like the brother on the side of Coretta King!
But the people they made me a monster
I need a getaway and may need some Kontra-
Band in my hand I’m goin’ crazy and bonkers
Like I’m rich and my baby’s Ivanka!
They don’t give a damn about a good n*gg*
They wanna take what you givin’ and put you out in the river without a particular bout
I give you doubt if you is a
Fallacy giver and nothin’ but a salary digger!
I’ma relay the message you’re gonna decay
If karma displays a deathbed you wanna delay
The drama today that Tech said he gonna repay
The one in the way I check it wit’ a Llama to spray!
When I spit it, n*gg*s, quit it
‘Cause I come wit’ it, big digits
Got ’em livid, when I quick flip it
They don’t wanna dig it but the spirit is not authentic
Not a pity party but I’m fed up with the hatred
And how they wanna spit upon and hit the gentle faces
Not even knowing we sick and mental cases
I open up they mouth wit’ a fully and dental they sh*t!

I am (what!) fresh out of f*cks!
I am (what!) fresh out of f*cks!

(Verse 2: Swisher Sleep)
Is it that I’m having a panic attack
And I’m tired of fact that I’m starving like Marvin Hagler
Heart of a battler [?]
Get you from out of here
Hit you for standing there, man in here mind your manners and manage your mannerisms
Your mouth of a minimal double dribblin’
Stuffed up a Ritalin got me jitterin’
Got me feeling the pit fighters adrenaline
Sitting inside of a cape prison
Shank sharpened and bank targeting (get ’em!)
Is it that I’m having a panic attack
And I’m not gonna have it fresh outta f*cks
And I don’t make it a habit
I don’t know the truth and really the fact
That you not giving a f*ck I practice
I been seeing on you wishing my tactics
Now the blood up on my body even though I’m watering my cactus
I’ll tackle a pterodactyl and shackle ’em and ride on the back of ’em
Slapping them in the abdomen hurry the wings flappin’
We flyin’ to Strangeland and demandin’ a pretty penny
And poppin’ on the collar like I’m hiding the hinky
I am who the s*ckas pretend to be
Get offended by me they depend on my energy
There’s a penalty n*gg*
Finna be remedied the epitome of an enemy
In a minute we cut the noise and become a symphony
Catch a Windom
Family finna be getting behind a riddly dynasty
Tecca N9na and me signin’ these twin
Time to be violently murdering my mind and become reblinded by me and igniting the dynamite and then me Swish!

I am (what!) fresh out of f*cks!
I am (what!) fresh out of f*cks!

(Verse 3: Tech N9ne)
Bleed ya if you got the funk a milli fever
Nothing but a s*cka billy diva
Buckin’ really we had enough of the silly negras
Agreed get the heata bussin’ up to really freeze ya
I’m an abomination when ya on ya hatin’
Kinda conversation I’ma bomb ya nation
With my congregation of non-sedation
The Don’s awakened achin’ the spawn of Satan

(Verse 4: Swisher Sleep)
Who call my name and I’m goin’
I’m kinda plain out of my dorm
My combination ain’t norm
It’s like I’m facing a eye socket
And breaking his mind pocket
It’s achin’ the time clock is wastin’ a pine box is awaitin’
I’m salivating they callin’ me the killa, killa
There’s no feelings it’s sentimental a general
I’ma hammer ’em, hit ’em all in the middle they feminine
All that b*tching is is not admissible
Zip it or get a kick in the genitals
When I spit it n*gg*s critic
‘Cause every time I come with it
The winner victor definitive pen and pad pennin’
And pennin’ it and the pyramid I’m making it permanent
Here to stay an initiative
Tryna get it and fit in in where the position is
Put my life and my money freedom at risk for this
Give me mine I don’t give a f*ck what tradition is
Listen I’m a diamond amongst [?] I’m killing sh*t