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Rick Ross Not On Life Support, Fat Trel Confirm He Spoke With The Boss

Rick Ross is not on life support and is doing good in the hospital, at least that is what Fat Trel is saying.

Ricky Rozay gave us all a scare when a story broke on Friday that he was hospitalized following a medical emergency at his home in Miami. Rick Ross reportedly had a hard time breathing and appears to be in a lot of pain when paramedics rushed to his home around 3:30 AM on Thursday. Someone inside his home called 911 and reported that he was in distress. We should also note that Ross has a history of seizures but this appears to be a lot more serious than that.

TMZ reported that the MMG rapper was on life support to help support his heart and lungs. Earlier reports suggest that he has Pneumonia. Fat Trel posted a message on Instagram confirming that he spoke to Rick Ross and he is good and not on life support. “”JUS TALKED 2 MY BIG HOMIE… HE GOOD… HE IN DA HOSPITAL BUT HE IS NOT ON “LIFE SUPPORT” … HE GOOD,” Fat Trel wrote.

Fat Trel is a pretty credible source given that he is signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group label and has been friends with the rap titan for many years. But some fans are not very convinced since Rozay’s family members initially denied that he was ever even hospitalized. Now we know that he is currently in the hospital. As to his exact condition, we don’t know for sure, we have to just go by the information people around him are giving us.

Over the past few years, Rick Ross suffered some pretty serious seizures that even prompted himself to start taking his health a lot more serious. We’ve seen him start working out and dropping a ton of weight.

Let’s all pray for Rozay and wish him a speedy recovery.