NBA Youngboy’s Mom Speaks On His Arrest “Free My Child”

NBA Youngboy’s mother is speaking out on her son’s arrest.

The Baton Rouge rapper is currently held without bail in a Tallahassee jail following his arrest on assault and kidnapping charges last weekend. The arrest was triggered by an alleged fight with his girlfriend Jania in a hotel lobby. Video footage showing the rapper body slamming his 18-year-old girlfriend has since surfaced online, but she denied he was ever abusive towards her saying that the two were just playing. “Free my child,” she wrote.

Since then, NBA Youngboy’s mother, Sherhonda, has spoken out calling for her son’s release, while also blasting son of her critics on social media. She was on Instagram Live yesterday responding to questions from Never Broke Again fans who accused her of being a bad parent. She quickly pushed back against those accusations in an expletive-laced rant in the presence of her daughter.

As for NBA Youngboy, he is in a world of legal troubles and is looking at an extradition to Georgia sometime soon to face multiple charges including assault, kidnapping, and weapons violations. Last year he also wrecked a rented Lambo and it’s unclear if that case has been dealt with before his latest arrest. Watch the video below.