Listen Shenseea Song “Body Good” On Flairy Riddim

Shenseea drops a fire new single “Body Good” on the Flairy Riddim, produced by Romeich Entertainment.

Shenseea once again proves why she is a strong contender for the dancehall queen crown. Not only is she one of the hardest working artists in dancehall currently, but also one of the most visible in terms of airplay. The Reomeich Entertainment first lady recently put us on high alert about her dancehall-pop takeover this year and she is already well on her way.

“Say him love di way mi peel fi him banana / She jus bite it, like she a Piranha / Mi can cook or afford a chef if mi wanna / Plus him love that mi can wrap him marijuana / She bring drama, me bring Prada,” Shenseea deejay.

The “Lodi” deejay released around half a dozen new singles since the start of the year including her hip hop debut “Solo” which has been garnering a lot of attention.