Da Beatfreakz Feat. Giggs – “Swingin In Da Whip” Lyrics


(Verse 1)
Under my ganja
And I’ve got something shiny, under my jumper
Man just woke up that lion out of my slumber
Better add a couple more zeros and we fronted that number
Hollowman ain’t no g—–n hero, I’m just getting more crunker
N—-s getting softer than Bambi, yeah they getting more Thumper
Giving that flexy, big up that stunter
This is that OG, so I give them that hunger

(Verse 2)
Flexy, flexy, flexy, flexy, flexy, flexing
I’ve got sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy b—–s sexing
I just walked in, stepped out, dressed up, brushed off, quickly stepped in
Yeah that sexy chick Tamica, yes that’s when she met him
Bunning that loud, one with that cloud
N*gg* talk breezy, running that down
Come with that foul play, man’s doneing that now
Man who kicks his children, they run with that stuff
Shout my bro Drake, them n*gg*s run with that owl
You try run up that growl, run up and bloaw

(Verse 3)
I’ve got n*ff*s that’s ready and greazy, gully and vile
N*gg*s talk beef man, running that cow
Come with that wild, come with that wow
Talk about that ring ring trap sh*t, I’m the number that dials
I’m a brother that smiles, cover that ground
N*gg* that’s bait, cover that pound
Buh, slap when I say so
Back for the Pesos
Black for the A-holes
I won’t even talk about fees, but it’s mad for the stage show
Sicker with the gift
Slicker with the wrist

(Verse 4)
Please don’t get your knickers in a twist
Gorillas in the mist
N*gg* you a snitch
Put b*tch n*gg*s in a ditch
Give them little bricks
Small, tiny, give them little bits
I’ve got n*gg*s in the field, rider’s b*tch, n*gg* you a witch
Who the f*ck you think you’re talking to? Skinny little pr*ck
N*gg* banging whippin excursion, swinging in the whip