Listen Bounty Killer New Song “All A Dream”

Bounty Killer drops some gem on us with this new single “All A Dream.”

The dancehall icon has been in the news a lot these days and for all the right reasons. After donating 63 beds to two hospitals in Kingston, Bounty Killer gave a rare interview where he opened up about his charitable ambitions, his lack of visa, and vision for dancehall music. A few days later he graced us with some new music.

“Not everything you can achieve in one go, some things are very hard, but when you overcome that hurdle, you get a sense of real reward, even the greatest stumble, but still don’t let down yo guard,” Bounty sings over a beat produced by Pearl Haabah Productions.

Bounty Killer is one of the most legendary names in modern dancehall music. He has over three decades under his belt and is still very much relevant in an era where dancehall and hip hop music is seeing a lot of changes with the arrival of the new generation. Listen to the single “All A Dream” below.