2 Chainz – “OK Bitch” Lyrics

June James, you’re a genius
Okay b*tch, okay b*tch we goin’ up
Okay b*tch, I’m in the zone
Okay b*tch, I got a home that got a home that got a home
Yo, yo

(Verse 1)
Used to make hard, make it look easy
Take the top back and make it look Jeezy
Two double cups, make it look Weezy
Too much shrimp got me lookin’ queasy
That’s how I’m feelin’ on the runway (the runway)
Outfit lookin’ like the runway (runway, yo)
Everyday I’m tryna get a couple stacks (couple stacks, uh)
Double park the double R then double back (skrt)
Known to give an old school a heart attack
Known to buy a new car if I got a flat
Better ask about me, b*tch you better know (better know)
Okay b*tch, this a AP, this a Rollie (this a Rollie)
You ain’t never make it rain, Tony! Toni! Tone! (Tony)
Don’t you know you’re homophonic? Please, don’t approach me (no)
Chronicles of the chronic and the digi-scale (yeah)
A stripper pu**y on my motherf*ckin’ fingernail