Birdman Lost $200K In Super Bet With Rapper AR-Ab

Birdman loses a Super Bowl bet with Philadelphia rapper AR-Ab.

The cash Money mogul lost $200,000 to Philly rapper AR-Ab in a Super Bowl bet on Sunday but he is still very much very wealthy. It’s unclear if he already handed over the cash because if not the AR-Ab might have to file a lawsuit like Lil Wayne and still then he might not get his cash. Complex reported on Monday that Birdman lost the bet of $100,000 wager on the Patriots beating the Eagles but as well all witness on Sunday it didn’t go in his favor.

AR posted a screenshot of the story while confirming that it was at least twice that amount the two wager and he will be using the money to invest in some real estate and pay his friends lawyer tabs. “Actually it was $200,000… I? ain’t gonna do nuffin but buy more houses and pay for my homies Lawyers and Appeal Lawyers,” he wrote.

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“Somebody Tell My OG @birdman5star $100,000 is a BET…. I? Bet Da House On My #EAGLES #RichGang #ObhRecords,” he added in another post. Am sure Birdman is not the only one who bed on the Patriots winning the Super Bowl so a lot of people likely lost a lot of money. The only question fans are asking now is if the Cash Money head already paid his tab or if he will ever pay it.

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