Migos – “Notice Me” Lyrics (Feat. Post Malone)

Good job First

(Chorus: Post Malone)
Got your hole in me
I put it slow in me
Saint Laurent upon my feet
All this jewelry, they gon’ notice me
And you know I got that Rol’ on me
I put it slow on me
Saint Laurent upon my feet
All this jewelry, they gon’ notice me

(Bridge: Quavo)
I wanna ride, ride, ride on it
Keep my eyes, eyes, eyes on her
Wanna grind, grind, grind on her
I wanna fly, fly, fly on it
Cannot vibe, vibe, vibe on it
Find five, five, five on it
Get live, yeah

(Verse 1: Takeoff)
All this jewelry, they gon’ notice me (ayy)
Birds in the traps singin’ like Jodeci
I tip a b**ch just ’cause of my courtesy (tippin’)
Been through her show, pick up my currency (back it)
Versace slippers colored burgundy (‘Sace!)
Rappers be talkin’, think they hurtin’ me (uh uh)
I took us home, make her come work for me (b**ch!)
Keep the Draco case in emergency (grr, grat)
Ridin’ ’round the city
Sippin’ a tea, packin’ the heat, ni**as that lookin’ for me (lookin’ for)
Comin’ up watchin’ them ni**as on TV like they were what I wanted to be (wanted to)
Now they wanna get paid for it, they got us a blessing to see (naw, for real)
Don’t charge ’em on stage for it, Saint Laurent on my feet

(Repeat Chorus: Post Malone)

(Repeat Bridge: Quavo)

(Verse 2: Offset)
I told that b**ch to drop a four for me (drop a four)
Drop my top, now I’m exposing me (skrt, skrt)
A lot of these rappers getting old to me (they kinda old)
Extortion publishing, you owe it to me (you know you owe)
I’m droppin’ the top and showin’ the titties (drop top)
Bunch of the money, we tryna get fitted (went to the mind)
I clear my mind and I had a vision (I had a vision)
And then I arrive with twenty-five b**ches (then they arrive)
We sell out the whole facility
Not likin’ your vibe, your energy (vibe)
I came from the pot with Kimberly (pot)
She sniffin’ the lines, assembly (lines)
We had a good time in Italy (time)
Yo, these ni**as be lyin’ about loyalty (lyin’)
Get on my knees, prayin’ to God to cover me

(Repeat Chorus: Post Malone)

(Repeat Bridge: Quavo)

(Outro: Quavo)
Nawfside, yeah
Can we ride, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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