Floyd Mayweather Clowns Conor McGregory On Twitter About Beef With Irish Cartels

Floyd Mayweather is feeling extra petty today and Conor McGregor is on his mind.

At the moment Mayweather is winning this ongoing beef between the fight fighters on the mere fact that he defeated McGregor in an actual fight last year and bank hundreds of millions of dollars on top of it. There are some fresh talks about a followup fight but this time it could be an MMA fight which Conor McGregor is advocating for. It’s still not clear if the boxing legend will come back out of retirement for that one, perhaps he will if the money is right.

On Wednesday, Floyd Mayweather tweeted a rumored story about Conor McGregor having issues with some Irish cartels and that there may be a hit out on his head. According to the reporting, McGregor allegedly punched a member of the Irish Cartel sometime last year and there is a hit out on his head for almost a million euros. “I already f***ed you up in 2017 now they about to f*** you up in 2018. You’re about to start your new year off with a bang,” the boxer tweeted.

McGregor has since responded to the tweet saying, “I am the cartel.” These two fighters should take this beef off of social media and into the ring, perhaps MMA style this time.