Gully Bop Says Shauna Chyn Dead To Him Denies Being Homeless

Gully Bop says he has finally found true love and Shauna Chyn is dead to him.

Gully Bop’s viral days as a dancehall artist maybe over but that doesn’t mean he has given up on his career or has any plans to come out of the public eye. The “Wuk Off A Me” deejay spoke with journalists earlier this week in the company of his new girlfriend. He opened up about the current state of his career and some recent comments made by his ex-girlfriend Shauna Chyn about what she has done for his career.

According to Bop, Chyn didn’t do anything for his career and it fact its the other way around, he is the one who elevated her career. “A me see Chyn and say yea a 20 year me no chuck on a woman inna me bed,” Gully Bop said. “A round a Frens For Real studio me know the chiney girl not even ina one good shoes. A come she come a di studio and need a dub and when me dweet she never have no money to pay me. She feel hungry and me buy her lunch and give her a big money cuz … She never carry me go buy no clothes cuz she never have no money; a me send her go shop.”

The dancehall deejay says that he knew that Shauna Chyn was a fake from the get-go but he decided to make good out of a bad situation. In the end, their relationship didn’t last and ended in a very public breakup that saw Chyn uploading a video of Gully Bop attacking her at their home. There were also some rumors that he was homeless again and living in his car, but he denied those claims.

“I don’t live in my car, I have my house. Grants Pen people use to say I was ungrateful ’cause me no come back round dem. Now me come back round dem and mi hear a whole heap a criticism,” Bop said. He added that the rumors started when someone saw him taking a nap inside his car.