Pamputtae Says Beenie Man Is A Wash Up Deejay Fighting Young Artist

Pamputtae continues her onslaught on Beenie Man over a failed performance last weekend at Ghetto Splash in Kingston.

Over the weekend, the female dancehall diva posted a video clip on Instagram ranting about the promoters of the show and Beenie Man who she accused off barring her performance. The dancehall legend quickly shot back saying that she did got a chance to perform but the fans just wasn’t feeling her. Beenie explained that it was his time slot to perform and she wanted to go on stage in his allotted time slot and he just wasn’t haven’t it.

Pamputtae says that is not the case because Beenie Man didn’t just jumped in front of her, he also did it to a bunch of other artists. “My road manager check the schedule and see a who next fi perform,” she said. “Dat a when Beenie Man just a come a di venue. Dem say after Assassin a me, den when me go deh and ready fi work, the woman (one of the stage managers) a say, ‘No, a Beenie fi perform’, and Beenie Man deh behind a me a tell dem nuh fi gimme di mic when him know say a never fi him time fi work because him just come.”

“Wah more Beenie Man can do? Him career buck and stop,” she added. Pamputtae says the promoter for the show has since called and apologize to her for the mishap but nevertheless, she will not be performing at the show in the future.