Young Thug Cries For Help Post Pic Of Lean IV In His Hand

Is this a cry for help from Young Thug?

The Atlanta rapper posted a pic of himself with a IV in his hand supplying what appears to be lean, aka sizzurp. There is an ongoing debate on social media about celebrities drug addiction. With the growing opioid epidemic across the US, celebrities are especially under scrutiny since their fans usually follow what they are doing. Lean, which is a drug made from codeine cough syrup and sprite, is popularized by hip hop artists who often post pictures of their double Styrofoam cups and even rap about it.

Young Thug is taking it to a different level by injecting in directly into his blood stream through an IV. “F**k a double cup I wanna feel it faster,” the rapper caption the pic showing the IV in his hand. Some fans commented calling it a cry for help from Thugger who has never been shy about his addiction to the substance. While the “Good Times” rapper actually never said the substance in the IV was actually lean or whether or not its something that he is using daily, it sends a clear message that drug use is cool.

Fans are commenting on the photo saying that this is a clear message that Young Thug is crying for help with his addiction to lean. “Young Thug pumping lean in his arm through an IV? The addiction epidemic is glorified now so it’s not seen as a problem anymore until someone dies. This. Is. A. Huge. F***ing. Problem,” one fan tweeted while another added, “Young Thug has lean on an IV Drip and is posting it on social media. This is a cry for help if I’ve ever seen one.”

Last month, young rapper Lil Peep died from an apparent drug overdose on his tour bus. Back in 2008, UGK rapper Pimp C died of an apparent overdose on promethazine/codeine, he was just 33 years old at the time of his death.