Lil Uzi Vert Struggle To Quit Drugs After Lil Peep’s Death

Lil Uzi Vert is struggling to quit drugs following the untimely death of rapper Lil Peep.

Since his death from a drug overdose on November 15th, Lil Peep friends and fans have been speaking out against drugs in a movement that has been gaining traction on Twitter. Several celebrities including Wiz Khalifa has spoken out against some drugs including lean, aka sizzurp, that is popular in hip hop culture. Now Lil Uzi Vert is saying he wants to be drug-free but it’s posing a challenge for him and he is not shy about it.

“We Would love 2 stop,” Lil Uzi Vert wrote on Twitter. “But Do You Really Care Cause We Been On Xanax All F***ing Year. Rip Buddy I 100% Understand and I Don’t Fault U.” He then sent out a second tweet joking about having some withdrawal symptoms. “Sober 2 day I have been shaking,” he continues. “I have been cursing my love ones out and fighting. In the studio with no thoughts in my head. Teeth biting down because I just wanna be angry at something. Maybe I will just smoke weed tonight.”

Lil Peep, born Gustav Åhr, passed away last week Wednesday of an apparent drug overdose on Xanax. At the time of his death, Peep was in Tucson, Arizona for a concert as part of his tour promoting his new album. Sources say he has been battling anxiety and depression for years. His older brother says his death was an accident. The SoundCloud rapper was 21 at the time of his death.