N.E.R.D Taps Rihanna For New Single “Lemon” [Listen]

N.E.R.D is back with some new music and the group, lead by Pharrell Williams, taps Rihanna for their first single “Lemon.”

It’s been almost a decade, seven years to be exact, since N.E.R.D. release some new music, and last month they hinted that they have a new project. The group have Rihanna rapping over a futuristic beat. “I get it how I live it / I live it how I get / Count the mothaf***in’ digits / I pull up with a lemon / Not ’cause she ain’t livin’ / It’s just your eyes get acidic / And this here ain’t a scrimmage / Mothaf***a, we ain’t finished,” Rihanna raps.

Pharrell also provides some catchy vocals to compliment the beat and overall feel of the single. “Hate! Bad b**ches wanna be my bae / Hate! Hunt me down like the C.I.A / Hate! Side of my car, tryna see my face / Hate! Want me to beat it like the T.I. case,” Pharrell sings.

N.E.R.D also released a video for the single which they called a tutorial. Rihanna is also featured in the visuals which shows her shaving a woman head bald and then broke out into a eye catching dance sequence.