Nicki Minaj Responds To Critics Of Her Cardi B & Migos Collaboration

Nicki Minaj has stepped forward to address critics of her collaboration with Cardi B and Migos.

Since her shot to the mainstream this summer, Cardi B has been rumored to be having beef with Nicki Minaj and now that they will be featured on the same tack together for the first time, here comes the conspiracy theorists. Some folks on Twitter are alleging that Nicki didn’t know about the collaboration because she believed that it was just another song with Migos, but the Young Money rapper is calling the claims bogus.

“I was on the song w/Quavo. No one else was on it. He called & asked if I think we should put Bardi on it, I said “ok let’s do it”. The end,” she wrote on Twitter before adding, “Migos weren’t even on it yet. Just Quavo. The conspiracy theories r just so tired. Relax. Breathe. Imagine me not knowing who on a song w/me.”

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“Anything w/my name on it gets approved by me. It can’t even go on a streaming service w/o me hearing it & giving written approval,” she added. “These are men in our culture who simply refuse to let it go. They don’t do this to male M.C.’s. But yo #Motorsport #1 added on urban radio.”

The industry has been trying to get Nicki Minaj and Cardi B to beef for months now but neither artists are biting the bait. Last week, the PinkPrint rapper complained in a Twitter rant about the lack of respect from the male hip hop fans. She elaborate on her rise to fame around the same time that other big name artists like Drake, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole came on the scene but yet she doesn’t command the same level of respect as these artists. “The greats collaborated w/Drake, Kendrick & Jcole b/c they’re dope MC’s. They collab’d w/nicki cuz someone pulled a gun to their heads,” she said.