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Alkaline Accused Of Stealing Popcaan Style In New Song

Alkaline is being accused of stealing Popcaan‘s flow for his new song “Hard Tackle.”

Urban Islandz reported this week that Alkaline new song “Hard Tackle” is the top trending dancehall song on YouTube. The anti-haters anthem was released on Saturday and already it’s stirring up some controversies with Popcaan fans going on the attack claiming that the Vendetta boss bites his style from his 2016 hustle anthem “Nah Idle.”

Poppy injected a catchy line in the chorus “You cyaa just a idle, a idle, a idle, a idle / Granny tell mi say yo mouth need waan bible.” Fans are comparing that line to Alkaline’s chorus “That’s why me say hard tackle, hard tackle, Hard tackle, hard tackle / Life everyday is a hard battle.” Listening to the two songs you will hear a distinct difference, but the Unruly fans are adamant that their artist’s style was used by the Vendetta leader.

Alkaline fans are pushing back saying he would never copy Popcaan or any artists. “Alkaline on a different level from everyone and that is the truth about this music and some Jamaica people they are so fool,” one fan wrote. “Alkaline do everything in is own way to please his self and the vendetta families who show him love in everything that he do in music.”

Some fans are saying that there are more similarities between “Hard Tackle” and an old Mavado song “Gun Battle” than with Popcaan “Nah Idle.” In fact, Popcaan was widely criticized by Vendetta fans last year for stealing Alkaline’s “New Level Unlocked.” Listen to the two songs below and make your own judgment.

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  1. Two songs completely different dont see any similarity hear. Popcaan idiot fans them reaching