Ishawna Recovers Her Mercedes-Benz Following Seizure

Ishawna recovered her Mercedes-Benz over the weekend after cops seized the luxury vehicle.

In the midst of her heated beef with Danielle D.I., the “Equal Rights” singer was left embarrassed last week Thursday when cops impounded her Benz for lack of insurance and registration. She was also slapped with a $10,000 ticket. Seems all of that is now water under the bridge for the dancehall diva since she is back on the road with insurance and proper documentation we hope. Some sources say that she doesn’t have the title for the car has been driving around without proper documentation.

The car was a gift to Ishawna by Downsound Records boss Joe Bogdanovich in 2015. She has since parted ways with the label but still has the car so there were a lot of chatters that the vehicle may not be registered in her name. Ishawna has been having an eventful year in dancehall with her controversial single “Equal Rights” getting her a lot of attention. The sexually charged single won her some new fans but also earned her some enemies.

She has been locked in a bitter feud with fellow female dancehall star Danielle D.I. over the last few weeks. Both sides have already delivered two diss tracks and now fans are watching to see who will blink first.