Issa Trap: Is Amber Rose Pregnant For 21 Savage

Issa trap. Amber Rose might be pregnant for her boyfriend 21 Savage and fans have been weighing in on Twitter with mixed reaction.

The celebrity socialite and the Atlanta rapper have been dating for a few months now and things seem to be heating up for the pair with these rumors of a baby. Their relationship has the feel of a giant publicity stunt from the start and throwing this baby rumors into the mix only serves to stir up more chatters from their critics.

Amber Rose even turn up the volume recently when she revealed that she is madly in love and is going to marry 21 Savage who is 9 years her junior. So she is having a baby and planning to tie the knot. One fan on Twitter is saying it’s a trap. “This is nothing more than a trap and everyone except 21 sees the end game here, dude go get put on child support for 18 years, should listen to Kanye,” the fan wrote.

In a recent interview, 21 Savage says that Amber Rose is a really cool person and she got him to take his vitamins and drink water, which are things that he doen’t normally do. “She’s a real cool woman. She treats me like a king,” Savage said. “She makes me do sh*t that I don’t normally do, like take vitamins and drink water.”

Amber Rose already has a 4-year-old son with Wiz Khalifa. The two got married in 2013 and got divorced in 2016 following a bitter split.