Alkaline Vendetta Fans Trolls Sean Kingston For Riding A Horse In Ocho Rios

Alkaline Vendetta fans are not much different from Vybz Kartel Gaza fans, they will attack at any moments notice.

A video showing Sean Kingston horse back riding in Ocho Rios last weekend has since gone viral on social media. Some of Alkaline’s Vendetta fans have since been trolling the reggae pop singer over the viral clip. “This is horse abuse this man is heavier than the horse he is riding and now they might have to retire the poor horse, bout him a ride ass, Vendetta for life,” one wrote.

Another Alkaline fan added, “Is this the same fat fool trying to diss Vendetta, go pay your Jewelry bill him cyan go back a foreign or else him a go jail.” Sean Kingston made headlines last weekend when reports surfaced that a judge has issued a warrant for his arrest for his failure to pay a Miami jeweler he owes $44,000. The singer is asking a judge for a retrial saying that he thought that the judgement was for another jeweler.