Meek Mill Reacts To Arrest Claims Cops Profiled & Targeted Him

Meek Mill has reacted to his recent arrest in New York City for disturbing the peace and reckless endangerment.

Cops pulled over the Dreamchaser rapper last Thursday night for allegedly stunting with his crew on motorcycles without helmets. Sources say around five squad cars pulled up on the rapper where one cop questioned him before putting him in handcuff and arrested him. Apparently, Meek Mill was shooting a music video in Harlem and was doing wheelies with his crew all while cops looked on.

The next morning Meek Mill walked free and was only charged with two misdemeanors despite originally looking at at least a felony charge which could land him in jail for some time. Sources around the Philly rapper told DHH that he felt like he was racially profiled and targeted by the cops who tried to pin charges on him. “The whole thing just like like racial profiling to us because why so many police officers had to create a huge scene just to pull over one man who was not even armed,” sources told us. “Then they let this man (Meek Mill) sleep in jail and couldn’t even find anything to charge him with and then tried to pin two misdemeanors on him. The law enforcement system is rigged against black men, but fortunately Meek can afford a decent attorney. What happened to the vast majority who don’t have the means of getting themselves a good lawyer.”

In a press conference with his attorney in NYC, Meek Mill says that he is a family man who is hard-working, The “1942 Flow” rapper also maintained his innocence saying he did nothing wrong. Meek has had a number of legal troubles over the past few years including last year when he was placed on house arrest for three months. His latest running with lawmen won’t see him getting any jail time, but will surely remind him of his many legal woes.