Karrueche Tried To Pull A Rihanna On Instagram But It Backfired

Karrueche Tran tried to pull off a Rihanna and break the internet but it backfired badly for her.

Last week, Rihanna shared a few photos from Crop Over Carnival in Barbados and the internet went crazy. Even Chris Brown couldn’t contain himself and had to comment on the pic. Yesterday, Karrueche Tran posted two photos of herself in a tiny bikini showing off her toned body, but instead of breaking the internet, she received a mountain of backlash.

The comments were really mean and even rapper Ralo weighed in saying, “U looks better wit clothes on.” Karrueche responded on Twitter calling out her haters for praising fake bodies and criticizing natural ones like hers. She even got some support from her rumored boyfriend Quavo who cosigned her natural body argument. Some fans suggested that Karrueche wanted to get a comment from Chris Brown just like Rihanna did. “She thought breezy was gonna post something like he did with Queen Rihanna hahaha she comparing as hole i knew it,” one fan commented.

Despite the mountain of harsh comments, the “Claws” actress did got some support. “Bro I am blown away at the hate. This is a beautiful woman Are y’all blind? If you don’t agree you Gay flat out. Gtfo,” another person added. “She is just got a regular thin body and she looks gorgeous I don’t know why so much hate, but Karrueche keep your cloth on.”

One thing is for certain didn’t happen, and that is Chris Brown didn’t say anything unless he used a secret account to comment, but he didn’t say zilch. Maybe that restraining order that Karrueche Tran won in court may be keeping Breezy at bay. Nevertheless, the hate she has been getting is not unusual but is disheartening given the fact that she is a gorgeous young lady.