Tommy Lee Says Alkaline “Use My Good Good Eye On His Art”

Tommy Lee Sparta is reacting to Alkaline using his eye on the cover art of the single “Red Eyes.”

Back in March, Alkaline released his first ever Tommy Lee diss track titled “Red Eyes.” On the cover art of the single, the Vendetta deejay cleverly used a photo of the Spartan deejay’s eye. The whole thing was hilarious and now Tommy Lee’s response is even more hilarious. “True him take my good good eye and put it in him thing (artwork), so me just shoot up back him mask,” Tommy Lee said in a recent interview.

The Mobay deejay released a new single last week title “Target” and on the cover art he used a Vendetta mask covered in bullets and blood. Seems like this beef is turning into a war on who can come up with the best cover art, but so far Tommy Lee has already released more than half a dozen diss records. Alkaline has only released one track and has side step the beef for the most part except for a small jab during his performance at Reggae Sumfest last month.