Lauryn Hill Reacts To Leaked Fugees Song “The Ish”

Lauryn Hill shared her reaction to a leaked Fugees song titled “The Ish” basically saying that she knows exactly who leaked the record.

The song “The Ish” popped up online over the weekend and Hot 97 Radio played the record on air touting it as a new song from The Fugees trio of Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill and Pras. It’s been two decades since the group released an album and we will likely never get another body of work from them. Hip hop fans were thrilled to hear the new record and were upbeat that they will release a new album in the near future, but don’t hold your breath.

On Saturday, L-Boogie shared her reaction on Twitter saying that the song is an old record that they played with back in the day. “The ‘new’ Fugees song is indeed an old track played around with back in the day in the lab,” Ms. Hill wrote. “Not sure who leaked it, but I have my suspicions.” Fans are already concluding that she is talking about Wyclef or Pras being the persons behind the leak.

On interesting take away from the song is that Pras verse was recorded after 2014 because he raps about an interview that he did that year on CNN where he spoke about North Korea crisis among other things.

Listen to The Fugees new song “The Ish” below.