Buju Banton Launches Clothing Line From Prison

Buju Banton is a year away from freedom but that is not stopping his hustle.

The Grammy-winning reggae singer has launch his new clothing line “Everything BB” which will comprise of T-Shirts and hoodies which will feature Buju Banton image and his lyrics for his classic single “Hills and Valleys.” While there is no official launch date for the clothing line, we recently spotted Rihanna donning one of the T-Shirts out in New York. The singer’s management team also launched an Instagram account for the brand @everythingbbofficial.

Buju Banton is slated for release from prison on December 8, 2018 after serving 10 years for a drug trafficking conviction in South Florida. The reggae star filed several appeals but lost everyone of them before giving up and opting to serve out his sentence. Banton recently collaborate with Rihanna on a single that is expected to appear on her new album.