Alkaline Being Investigated By Cops For Toting Gun In Video

Alkaline is being investigated for totting guns in his “After All” music video.

The active investigation is coming from the highest command in the police force. Commissioner of Police George Quallo himself has ordered an investigation into some aspect of the video. The short filmed was directed by Jay Will and starred by Alkaline and some members of his Vendetta crew. The video contains a lot of guns and police officers both in the beginning and in the middle where a female dressed as a police officer performed a sexual act on the dancehall deejay.

The police commissioner wants the persons dressed as police officers specifically to be investigated and the police vehicle to be checked to see if it’s a part of the official fleet of the force.

“We know that gunmen revel, are motivated and cheered on by gangster music,” said Warren Clarke, an Assistant Commissioner of Police. “It is baffling how a society puts up with such graphic depiction of violence and then wonder why we have daylight shoot-outs and multiple murderers. There is correlation between the gangster culture of promoting murders, social degradation and violent crime. I urge the society to consider its conscience as we engage this most decadent trend.”

Watch the official music video for Alkaline single “After All” below.