Famous Dex Cry and Rant About XXL Editor Calls Her A “Fat B**ch”

Famous Dex first cried and then he went on a rant disrespecting XXL editor Vanessa Satten after she revealed why the magazine snubbed him from the Freshman Class of 2017.

Speaking with The Breakfast Club, Vanessa Satten explains that XXL took the decision to exclude Famous Dex from the Freshman Class of 2017 cover over a video of him beating up his girlfriend. But before she did the interview, Dexter posted a video on social media of himself crying about the snub. “There’s a lot of political issues right there that I’m not really sure how long it’ll take to clear up before you get to the next level,” Satten said during her interview. “I would say [Dex assaulting a woman] was part of it.

After that statement then came this video from Famous Dex ranting and disrespecting Satten calling her a “fat b**ch.” “That’s why I didn’t make XXL because of that video of my girl?” the rapper said. “That f***ing lady right there. Ma’am, you’re too disrespectful. B***h, she just had my son! F*** you talking about! You fat b***h!”

Something tells me that Famous Dex will not appear in XXL mag next year either.