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Famous Dex Snubbed By XXL Freshman Over Women Assault Case Says Chief

Famous Dex is perhaps the biggest XXL Freshman Class of 2017 snub and now we are learning that it’s because of him assaulting a female on video.

In September of last year, a video went viral online showing rapper Dexter beating up a female who turned out to be his now ex-girlfriend. He was also ousted by singer/songwriter Tish Hyman, who told her fans that Dex was staying at her apartment when the assault took place. She also said that he broke into her apartment and stole some stuff.

On Thursday, XXL magazine Editor-in-Chief Vanessa Satten sat down for an interview with The Breakfast Club where she revealed that that video was one of the main reasons why Famous Dex was snubbed from this year’s cover of the Freshman Class. “There’s a lot of political issues right there that I’m not really sure how long it’ll take to clear up before you get to the next level,” Satten said. “I would say [Dex assaulting a woman] was part of it. There’s a hurdle to get over there, and I don’t know if right now it’s going to happen. There was a lot of talk about that.”

Some folks are saying that XXXTentacion also has some legal troubles to tend to but nevertheless he was included in this year’s XXL Freshman Class. Satten argued that X has legal issues but the difference is it’s not on video and he hasn’t been proven guilty. “You can say [XXXTentacion] has got issues,” she said. “You can say Famous Dex has issues. I think the difference with Famous Dex having it on camera creates a different situation. We saw it. I think the thing with X is also he’s the People’s Champ and hasn’t been found guilty of anything. You kind of have to let that play out.”