XXXTentacion Is a Liar Says Rob Stone Who Issued New Threats

XXXTentacion is a big liar, so said his attacker Rob Stone who issued some new threats to the rapper.

Last week Wednesday night, XXXTentacion was performing on his Revenge tour stop in San Diego when Stone made his way on stage and punched him in the face. X was knocked unconscious but thankfully he didn’t sustained any life threatening injuries. A man was stabbed during the melee and had to receive treatment at a hospital. X claimed that it was his attacker who was stabbed and could possibly die from his wounds, but it turns out that the victim was a fan of the rapper.

Rob Stone posted a video clip refuting XXXTentacion’s claims while calling him a liar and issuing some new threats. “I’m alive and well, I didn’t get stabbed… just for all the people who are concerned about me getting stabbed, and all my homies are alive and well,” he said. “I feel bad for the person that did got stabbed. This sh*t is getting crazy and it’s only going to get worst. You cannot sit and talk sh*t to people and they don’t do sh*t.”

X told a TMZ photographer that he himself didn’t go to the hospital but his attacker did. He also claimed that Rob Stone might also die from his stab wounds. This beef stemmed from an incident earlier this year when Rob Stone attacked one of X’s associates name Ski Mask The Slump God. Stone did warned them before hand that they should not come to Sand Diego but they didn’t take the threats seriously and someone could have lost their life. These guys should just have a sit down and hash out whatever bad blood they have before someone gets killed or seriously injured. XXXTentacion has resumed his tour after postponing one show.