Popcaan – Up Forever Lyrics

Popcaan Unruly

Gyal dem seh mi nice and clean
And mi hot like the rice weh a steam
Water describe mi already me and mi f**king team
Fresh like the f**king stream

Clean to the bone suh mi do it everyday
Mi nuh just clean Friday
Some bwoy only bathe when a public holiday
Believe mi seh a nuh suh mi stay

Mi nuh go a dance and greet
Gyal dem seh mi sweet like a chocolate cream
G’seppy and the Clarks dem clean
Gyal draws a drop when the boss roll in

Shi seh wa meck you clean so Pop’s?
Colon a sting like wasp
Shi waan gi mi the thing pon spot
Range a block pon block

Unruly thing up forever, up forever
Unruly thing up forever, up forever

(Verse 1)
The kyle in a mi pocket thick like Black China
Wa? Thick like Black China
Gyal dem want a hot skull
Dem don’t want designer
Waan bad man fi feel dem vagina
Tek weh bwoy gyal meck shi crawl out like spider
Carry her in a the hilltop, roll on Rough Rider
Funny man mi nuh go beside a
Naw bow fi no riches neither

Big up every badman scheme weh dem know bout cheap and clean
White T’s and cut off jeans man a roll out man and mean
Mi seh wi clean and fresh
Clothes every neat
Big fat spaceship a push in a the streets
From dem sight wi dem know seh wi up forever

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Connection like wifi, wayfae
The killy dem a real O’G
Pull up in a Landon neatly
Gyal a watch wi like Hype TV
A me meck gyal waan left dem common-law
Waan mi fi pull dem bra
Mi Invictos spray just turn her on
Mi hairstyle turn her on

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)