Dexta Daps Gets Banned From Best Of The Best Show

Dexta Daps gets banned from the hugely popular Best of the Best concert in Florida following the recent staging of the events.

Promoter of the event, Jabba, is lashing out against the “Bring It To The Owner” singer blaming him for the mishap that result in other artists like Mavado not getting to perform. Jabba noted that Dexta Daps did not perform at his allotted time because the singer says that he was owed US$1000 from a previous event. Seems the promoter and Daps have been having issues since last year’s staging of Best of the Best.

The singer also reportedly demanded 10 tickets upon his arrival at the venue. “I don’t give out money at the hotel, I do that at the venue,” Jabba said. “Why didn’t his manager come to the venue? I will never book him for another event, never ever. He could be the hottest artiste in America. A nuff things mi help dem youth deh with and dem ungrateful … I don’t want to see them, and they need to reach out to the fans and tell them the truth.”

Jabba also said that Dexta Daps was behaving like a diva and that he will not be taking any legal actions, but will instead not book him for another show. Best of the Best has been getting a lot of bashing from angry fans after Mavado and others didn’t get to perform before police pulled the plug on the concert last month. “I just want the fans to know that if this man wasn’t being a diva, this would not have happened,” Jabba added.