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Mavado Apologize To His Fans For Failed Performance

Mavado has issued an apology to his fans after failing to take the stage at Best of the Best concert in Miami last night.

The show ended prematurely when cops pulled the plug on the event leaving a few artists not taking the stage. From early into the show, the promoters were behind schedule in terms of when the artists should perform. Mavado was one of the last few acts that never took the stage leaving patrons furious. The Gullyside singjay took to Instagram to explain to his fans that the incident was beyond his control.

“Yow best of the best I’m vex as f*** right now sorry to my fans and the people that came out to see me tonight and I just want to say that I was there ready and waiting and I don’t know what went wrong or what cause the delay until the police said no more,” Mavado wrote. The “Memory” singer was the headlining act and a lot of fans voiced their frustration on social media calling out the promoters of the event.

“I went there just to see Mavado and now I am really pi**ed off about this, the promoter of best of the best need to be more professional I will never go back there,” one upset patron wrote.