Aidonia – Life Of A Genna Lyrics

Life of a Genna ni**a
Big money talk get you threader bigger

Life of a Genna ni**a
Get yo own a way
Till me get mine and come and spend it with you

Genna, life of a Genna ni**a
Big money talk get you threader bigger
Life of a Genna ni**a

(Verse 1)
Why the f**k you a pose like a big ni**a
Like a rich guy
And you pocket dem still dry
If you nuh have a house pon the hillside
Bed a king size, no you naw live life

Man a hustler and a nuh sing rhymes
To how the money nough the guardy nuh brinks drive
Badmind just a hit and a hit on a ni**a
Yeah, wid dem dutty red pink eyes

Wi nuh listen weh dem a chat, chat seh
Get the money nough dawg
Yea, stock that yeah
Rolex pon the hand wid some a dem fat rock deh
Live life ni**a like you win the damn lottery
House a build now pu**y unuh cyaa stop wi
Link Fella, meck a link up a the black factory
Tell dem seh the house pon the hillside
Diddy hill-view, bring some steel and gwaan go drop block deh
That’s the

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
If a nuh cush in a the wrizzla Diddy don’t pull
Genna-Genna thing the weed haffi smoke good
Pool in a yard, bare gyal the house full
Couple Snapper pon the grill in a file roast good
Meck it in a life pu**y seh you boast-full
Couple mad drive dawg, car pouch full
Black shades on like Jerry weh coach Tull
Ghetto youths haffi meck it never doubtful

Yow if you never know man a go getter yow
Stock hi meck the threader grow
From mi likkle mi seh haffi live better yow
Yow, Patel a go
Hustle weh the weather snow
Rich forever yow, rich forever yow
Diamond dem a bleed, ruby
Yeah the Gen dem a glow

(Repeat Chorus)