Rankin Pumpkin Cries Foul Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall Producers Say BS

Rankin Pumpkin says Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall show was rigged, but the shows producers are calling her comments BS.

The Japanese deejay was crowned runner up of the show this year, but she didn’t felt like she was treated fairly on the show and even said that she has received death threats, which is partly to be blamed for her lost over the weekend. In a lengthy post on her Facebook page, she complained bitterly about the racist she endured and at one point she wanted to quit, but her manager African Symbol run by Desmond Harvey.

“At one point racist comment from the same judge saying that this Japanese lady if she went to the final he will quit the job,” she wrote. “Some time when I am singing he push finger in his ears, some time turned his back on me even though the audience jump up and enjoy my song.
He also publicly said he wish, I drop off from the competition. But I continue to push on until I reach the final. But the racist comment that he push generate some energy on the some of the local population also on the street. I was surprise because Japan is one of the biggest supporter of Reggae Music in the world since 1979 when Bob Marley introduce to us.”

Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall producer Mark Kenny says that he is surprised and slow to believe Pumkin Rankin’s account of what happened to her on the show. “I am disappointed that she would even take that line,” Kenny said. “She was in the competition for over 14 weeks and never once did she come to me or any of the other producers on the show to say that she was having this experience. All the contestants were treated the same in respect to travel, stipends and accommodation, and we never had any word on this from her or her team. So I am a little slow in believing all this took place.”

Skatta Burrell and Rankin also had some run in on the show.