Popcaan X Davido – My Story Lyrics

(verse 1)
Yeah you baxide bigger than a continent
Badder than badder you nuh see
Straight down you a something else
Badman want the something
Body smooth like a lotion, lotion, lotion

I need to be honest wid you
I wanto be your number two
Tell me should ??
All I need is 24
I see you before, you before
Baby me, me on the floor

24 like snap-chat
My story, that a my story
Baby, 24 like snap-chat
My story, that a my story

(Verse 2)
Baby all mi need a 24 hour a you time
Sexiness you need fi know a you deh paw mi mind
In a mi bed and mi house mi waan fi see you whine
Meck mi whine up in a you belly and buss off like a nine
Hey, mi nuh need much time, mi nuh need much time
Mi waan gi you all night when you do the slow whine

When you bruk out and c**k it up suh
Shake up you a$$ and back it up suh
Waan you bwal out when mi push it up suh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Come closer
Baby begging??
This story like snap-chat story
Such a short, short story

(Repeat Chorus)